Mother Mary's Devotional Music and Songs

By the Messenger of Music Dorothy Lee Fulton

The Music of the Spheres

Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Dorothy Lee FultonDorothy Lee's meeting with Mark proved providential, at her first conference she found out that it was her mission to draw down the Music of the Spheres. Mother Mary promised that she would release the music through Dorothy Lee.

In 1995, Mother Mary said in a dictation: "Thus by the power of the Emerald Matrix, I am sealing this servant of God who comes from angelic realms. May you know what a priceless gift you have in your midst and pray for the fulfillment of the calling of all musicians and those who are to come, those who will hear this dictation and know that it is time that they take their place in this mandala and contribute to this stream of new music that shall surely usher in the Golden Age of Aquarius if you are faithful to this call."

Dorothy Lee remarked: "I have been writing ever since, and she has been with me to show me the way. We have received many, many songs so far, the most lovely music from heaven. It is not mine. It is from Mother Mary, and I just marvel when I hear it."

Dorothy Lee witnessed marvelous events and miracles in her years with the Messengers and The Summit Lighthouse. In 1968 she was knighted by Saint Germain as Lady Edelweiss, in a ceremony where participants saw the names of the knighted written in fire on the wall of the chapel. Dorothy Lee also went on the pilgrimage to India with Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and met the Dalai Lama, recalling: "I wish everyone could meet him and share his beautiful light."

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